Monday, July 27, 2015

India CLI minutes increased!

India minutes increased in megafone

Saturday, July 18, 2015

India minutes increased in megafone

India minutes increased in megafone

Monday, July 13, 2015


Bellyvoip Services: International Calling Account helps end-users to make low cost international calls to any country Bellyvoip features: Working in low band-width internet & "ONE" minute exactly 60 seconds. Bellyvoip products: PC & Mobile dialers. Call with Bellyvoip more calling time for India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.
Call India - 91/1250 - 0091/1300 minutes, Pakistan - 923/600 - 9233/500 minutes, Bangladesh - 555 minutes.

Bellyvoip Services

Bellyvoip is active in the fields of voice over ip (VoIP) , including all internet calling card, mobile and pc dialers, support in all network, their special dialer support in smartphones. Bellyvoip promises best network quality as it has collaborated with renowned carriers like Bharti in India, SingTel in Singapore and many other reputed international carrier. Backed by the team of hard working R&D professionals, Bellyvoip has emerged ahead of other providers present in the VoIP industry. Following are the four strong pillars of Bellyvoip.

Enjoy calling with Bellyvoip!!! Enjoy Voiping!!! Enjoy Reselling!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Mickytel is leading in the list of quality service providers as it has maximum faith in the objective of total quality assurance. The company strives hard to provide satisfactory services to its customers. Moreover, from the unmatched VoIP quality to worthy reseller tools, Mickytel has it all to offer the best to its customers.Call with Mickytel more calling time for India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.
Call India 91 - 1250 minutes, Pakistan 923 - 900 minutes, Bangladesh - 650 minutes.
Enjoy calling with Mickytel!!! Enjoy Voiping!!! Enjoy Reselling!!!


Zimtel is one of the leading next generation voip (voice over internet protocol) services provider on the voip Globe, having its immense focus in the Telecom & Voip domain. Zimtel voip specializes in voip internt telephony business while offering voip reseller and voip carrier services globally to all voip domain partners. Call with Zimtel more calling time for India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.
Call India 91 - 1000 minutes, Pakistan - 600 minutes, Bangladesh - 550 minutes.
Enjoy calling with Zimtel!!! Enjoy Voiping!!! Enjoy Reselling!!!

How to generate calling account pins in ITEL reseller panel?

For generating batch pins, follow steps:- 
Step1 - Use your voip reseller username & password to login.
Step 2 - To create pin's for customers, Click "Manage Pin"
Step 3 - Click "Generate Pin" for creating multiple pins
Step 4 - Enter details as below:-
>enter Batchname (if needed),
> enter Pin prefix (any single digit number)
> enter Total number of pins (required)
> enter Initial balance (eg: 10, for 10$ credit to all pins generated)
> others select default
> Click "SUBMIT"
Now you have successfully generated multiple pin with password. Now you can sell each pins generated to your customers.
For generating single pin, follow steps:-
> enter Pin-no (any combination letters and numbers)
> enter Pin password (any combination letters and numbers)
> enter caller-id (optional) > enter Pin balance (eg: 10, for 10$ credit)
> others select default (or according to your requirement)
> Click "SUBMIT"
Now you have successfully generated single pin with password. Now you can sell this generated pin to your customer.
For adding new reseller in your reseller panel, follow steps:-
> Click manage client
> Click Add
> enter Client ID (any combination letters and numbers)
> enter Password (any combination letters and numbers)
> select Client Type (default)
> enter Balance (eg: 100, for 100$ credit)
> others select default (or according to your requirement)
> Click "SUBMIT"
Now you have successfully created account , password for you reseller & can be issued to reseller to start reselling. 

Call india 750 minutes talk time - LOWEST RATES!

Call india 750 minutes talk time... Best voice clarity.

Resellers contact us.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Skype/ Nimbuzz :: voipresellerbiz


Make free video and voice calls to skype users, instant messaging and file sharing, get a free skype account and latest downloads. Just pay less to call mobiles and landlines worldwide, send text messages and group video call with up to 10 people.

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Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer is a software application installed and used on mobile phones. Today, various companies are offering branded mobile. They are used to make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls from a mobile hand set. The "Mobile Dialer" or "SIP Dialer" uses SIP signaling and can be mapped to a Softswitch or an IP device to work a device for voice communication. Newer mobile dialers also allow users to originate a Voice Call or SMS using their mobile handset. In many countries, Mobile Dialer application can run behind network address translation (NAT) and on private IP and can pass through firewalls or blocked networks when combined with tunneling software. Making calls from the mobile phone is most preferred way of calling. Consumers may switch to VoIP as it offers international calling at affordable rates. Mobile Dialer allows users to use VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol on their mobile phones with great ease. Mobile dialers remove the traditional VoIP limitation of using computer or other VoIP devices restricted to home environment. New generation mobile phone users have access to varieties of internet services like GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi connections which makes it easy to make VoIP calls from any place in cheaper rate. In that case, users need to install a supportive mobile dialer into their handset.

PC dialer

PC2Phone Dialer

PC dialer is a perfect solution for making PC to Phone Calls via internet. It is a fast and small utility which once installed on PC, removes the need of any IP Phone. PC Dialer enables users to place and receive low cost calls from any computer to any phone.

Minimum Requirements for PC to Phone Dialer

  • Pentium 266 MHz PC* or higher (400 MHz recommended)
  • Minimum of 128MB of RAM (64MB recommended)
  • Windows 2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Microphone and speakers, or headset or handset
  • Internet Connection speed of 33.6 Kbps (64 Kbps recommended).
Making Internet phone calls, often referred to as PC to Phone calls allows you to make low cost calls to any phone number in the world from any country in the world. A PC to Phone Dialer makes you call for lowest rates in the world for both international and domestic calling.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Call india 30000 minutes!

Call india 30000 minutes, Pakistan 13000/8000 minutes, Bangladesh 14000 minutes, Egypt 14000 minutes & Nepal 3400 minutes for lowest rate!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Call India 1000 minutes

Keep connected with your family & friends!

Call India 1000 minutes with best quality mobile and PC dialers for best rate!

Make calls to mobile / landline.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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